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Amy Herbst is an educator, counselor and author.  She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, her 2 young boys – brothers adopted, and her Australian Shepherd, Redd.  She has taught yoga to students and teachers for the past 15 years and enjoys snowboarding, biking and hiking with her family.

Amy Herbst has more than 20 years of professional experience working with at-risk youth and their families through a student centered holistic approach.  Previously a middle school guidance counselor, Amy started her career in Los Angeles County school districts where she implemented mindfulness and yoga programs in all of the schools she has served. Since 2011, she has served as an alternative high school principal and will share her journey of learning, teaching and building a program flexible enough to meet the challenges for all students in a diverse community.  

Her unique life experience as a disengaged high school student-led her to start her college career early as a high school student at Weber State University before transferring to the University of Utah where she earned a BS in Human Development and Family Studies.  She then went on to earn a Master’s in Educational Counseling with Pupil Personnel Services and Administrative credentials. “Supporting the healthy growth and wellness of children and families is not just a job, it is a calling. One that has been the highest honor of my life, second only to motherhood.

Amy is a mother, a feminist, a counselor, and an advocate for youth. In my 20 years in education I have supported and implemented innovative techniques and strategies for the positive growth of young men and women from all walks of life. School initiatives have led to increased graduates, less drop-outs, higher rates of career exploration and readiness in an engaging educational experience. I have been honored to counsel thousands of youth and their families, train staff in social-emotional learning, relational and rapport building techniques and present at several educational conferences nationwide.


Where do our boys belong in this generation of the women’s empowerment movements? How do we raise and support our boys towards conscious masculinity?

Are you raising a son in today’s world of mass shootings, sexual assault and harassment claims?  Are you witnessing an uprising in women empowerment movements, #metoo and #timesup, and worried for your son?   Are you troubled about the ongoing negative messaging about a nation in crisis due to violent acts and misbehavior by men and boys?  It is not just guns that mass shootings have in common, it is misguided and isolated young men that all lack a sense of belonging.   The term, “Toxic Masculinity” has surfaced, holding a microscope over what messages boys have been receiving for decades, that is actually harming them.  Messages, such as “man up” or “don’t be soft”.  In an effort to create leaders among boys, it has been through a lens of shame.

Do you want to parent your son differently than what is often referred to as ‘boys will be boys’?  Are you already dealing with out-of-control behavior by your son that is consuming time and energy? Does he isolate himself from his peers and have difficulty making friends? Are you concerned about his aggression, anger, lack of respect for others, low motivation or self confidence?

The time for busting the ‘boys will be boys’ myth is now.  Shifting the paradigm of what it means to “man up” with our next generation of boys.

You are not alone!

Many frustrated parents are worried about raising boys in our current climate of confusing messaging in the media.  There is so much negativity about what it means to be male.

There is a major shift happening in our world that is opening doors for more inclusivity, tolerance and equity, but with this shift the road for boys seems blurry and the path is unclear.

We are becoming more conscious of one another, with more respect and embracing one another and our differences. Imagine your son with a strong sense of belonging where he can contribute to his peer group, classmates and community.  

Together we can create impactful change through greater understanding

Imagine living in a cohesive, peaceful home environment, where the focus is on growth, learning, and everyone reaching their full potential.

Envision your son being kind, loving and respectful, as he follows directions, asks how he can help you and the family, and even opens doors for people. Imagine being able to understand his brain and the impact of hormones from infancy to puberty.  Building understanding and empathy, so that you can feel joy in raising him with less stress and anger.

Rhonda, Women’s March Organizer in Oregon

“Empowering and timely.  Boys Will Be Boys helps parents understand how oversimplified this statement may be.  The book provides practical, real-world examples parents can employ, coupled with some sound brain research and skills and tools young boys require to become conscious men.  Brava! 

Stacy, Teacher of Special Education

“Amy is my go-to-person for help understanding my growing boys. She has helped me to understand my young teenager’s mindset and is very knowledgeable aobu thelping teachers and parents upport their boys growing up into young men”

Heather, 25 year educator

Best mom advice given to me by Amy, is sometimes it is ok to just open a can of soup for dinner. Give yourself lots of grace. Best teacher advice is kids will be ready to learn once they trust you. Feed their heart first and then their head.”