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Empower the whole family to engage in self-care

Parents, would you like to connect better with your children? Do you believe that it’s possible to turn family interactions from the most dreaded part of your day to fun, engaging and cherished moments? Would you like to: Understand & be understood by your kids? Engage in conversations that promote changes in behavior & motivation? Teach your children how to manage their emotions in healthy ways? lp you: ~Feel hopeful about the future.~Enjoy and look forward to family time!~Have family conversations without fighting. ~Let God into the situation to break patterns and heal hearts.~Appreciate the positive things in each member of the family.~Connect with your kids on a deep level.~Improve conflict resolution.~Learn how to talk about and manage emotions.~Find new ways to show and receive love.~Empower the whole family to engage in self-care.For more information (and the digital version of the book) Check out:

KEEP Your Child, Safe from Secrets: How to Protect Kids From Sexual Abuse and Manage the Aftermath

This e-book was written to help anyone (parents, grandparents, teachers, neighbors, etc.)
recognize the signs and prevent child sexual abuse. It will provide direction on how to have open communication with your child using age-appropriate terms concerning their bodies, knowing appropriate boundaries, inappropriate and appropriate touching. You will be able to empower your child to recognize strange behaviors of others and have the confidence to tell a trusted adult when anyone violates these boundaries. Check out:


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